Executive Producer

Steven has over 10 years in the industry. He is a Detroit, MI native and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Michigan State University. While working at a advertising agency he was first introduced to the industry while accompanying a coworker to an audition.

He has studied at the famed HB Studio while modeling in NYC. During this time he was cast in several projects including a short film that was selected to screen at Cannes Film Festival.

Now based in Los Angeles, he found the knack for producing when he put together a team for a shootout competition. That film came in Top 25 out of 300+ films submitted. Not bad for a first time! He went on to produce several other short films as well, some being selected to screen at Asians on Film Festival, Action on Film Festival, San Luis Obispo International Film Festival and Top 10 in a 72 Hour Film Shootout.



Sam has over 5 years in the industry. He is a Los Angeles native and received his Certificate for TV & Film Editing from Video Symphony in Burbank, CA. His passion for films drove him to pursue a career in Film Editing.

He has edited everything from music videos to short films, and has a feature in the works. His experience in Post Production extends beyond editing and into Post workflows, the Online process, and overall management strategy.

His first film “In The Clouds” won Official Selection NewFilmmakers Los Angeles. His second film “The Interview” was in the overall top 10, and top 3 on the West Coast, in the Asian American Film Festival.


Executive Producer/Director


Josh has over 7 years of professional experience in Film and Television. Born and raised in California, he started modeling and acting at 12 years old. After an audition where he had to fake being excited about some boring toy, he realized he was more interested in creating his own content than selling someone else’s. He graduated from UC Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in Film & Media and immediately started working in the industry.

Josh has spent his career spearheading projects and understands the pre-, pro-, and post-production processes of filmmaking. He has worked on everything from audition tapes and corporate videos to music videos and feature films. Feature films are his passion but he supports any project that can have a positive impact on the world.

Professionally, he has worked with all of the big Studios and Networks in Hollywood: Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Focus Features, Netflix, NatGeo, Discovery, History, and many more.